with Air-Activated Warmers


AA stands for Air-Activated.

This product is also for personnel who need to be moving around while doing their job.  The temperatures and durations are less controllable.  More warmth will be noticed with using additional warmers.  Less warmth will be noticed with using fewer warmers.  If decreased temperatures are noticed, the warmers can be removed and gently shaken to potentially activate increased temperatures to a limited extent.




    • Belt with Insulating Pads
    • Insulating Vest – to be worn over the belt and scrub top and under a scrub warm-up jacket
  • Carton of 60 OPERATIONHEATJAC® Brand Air-Activated Warmers

Temperatures and Duration

  Open to air test Under Sweatshirt
Temperature 140 -120 deg. F 150 -140 deg. F 130- 120 deg. F
Duration 5 hrs First 4 hrs up to 12hrs

Additional information

Weight 9.75 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 10 in

Small: Torso 29" to 35", Medium: Torso 35" to 41", Large: Torso 41" to 47", X-Large: Torso 47" to 59"