Freezing in the O.R.?

Stay warm & comfortable with OPERATIONHEATJAC


After working for years in freezing operating rooms I can assuredly say it is pure misery to be cold for hours on end, performing complex duties while standing or sitting with no hope of generating enough body heat by moving about. I never was alone in my suffering, as nurses and techs wrapped themselves in blankets or wore disposable gowns in an attempt to keep comfortable.

In response, I have created a simple and practical solution; a comfortable garment to provide warmth that can be worn in the operating room over scrubs, and under a scrub warm-up jacket or surgical gown.  The garment is in the form of a belt to be worn around the torso.  It is available in three sizes to accommodate the majority of the user population, and is composed of materials to meet AORN standards even though it is to be worn unexposed, which in itself meets AORN standards.  The OPERATIONHEATJAC® helps operating room staff stay warm.

With "Warmest" Regards

Mark Silverberg, DDS, MD
Anesthesiologist & Managing Member


Quick Facts

  • The OPERATIONHEATJAC® is to be worn over scrubs and under whatever you typically wear to keep warm in the OR.
  • It serves as your own personal radiator.
  • Choose from our various products designed for those who are either stationary for the majority of the time, or for those who need to be on the move.