Freezing in the OR?

Stay warm & comfortable with a unique heated garment OPERATIONHEATJAC



OPERATIONHEATJAC® puts an end to the misery of freezing in the operation room. It is a simple electric/battery heated garment that meets AORN standards and effectively provides warmth and comfort to OR staff.

Quick Facts

  • The OPERATIONHEATJAC® is a heated garment designed to be worn over scrubs, under the Operationheatjac Insulating Vest (OHJIV), and then under a scrub warm-up jacket or surgical gown.
  • Its unique design allows core body heat to be easily maintained and serves as your own personal radiator.
  • Available with a rechargeable battery power supply or air activated warmers for those requiring complete mobility or a plug-in transformer for those who are stationary.

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Additional Benefits

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Hospitals & Surgery Centers cost sharing initiatives

Shop product bundle designed to help you share the cost of OPERATIONHEATJAC. Ensure your anesthesia staff are comfortable, and NO NEED to eliminate your 3M Bair Hugger or other forced-air patient warming systems.