A Unique Concept in Battery Heated Clothing

Being cold is miserable. After freezing for years in Operating Rooms, Dr. Mark Silverberg, an anesthesiologist, took matters into his own hands and together with an expert team, developed a unique concept in battery heated clothing, OPERATIONHEATJAC

OPERATIONHEATJAC is a heated garment that is worn around the torso and acts as a personal radiator. It takes the form of a belt that is worn over scrubs and under a warm-up jacket or surgical gown and meets all AORN standards. The benefits for OR staff are obvious, no more shivering and suffering but OPERATIONHEATJAC also has potential benefits for patients >>READ MORE

The heat is delivered by custom engineered heating pads or air activated warmers. The electrical heating pads can be powered via a rechargeable battery, allowing for complete mobility or a transformer for those who are stationary, and include a temperature controller.

OPERATIONHEATJAC takes heated apparel to the next level, it is a highly versatile non bulky garment. While it was designed specifically for use in the operating room it is a practical solution to staying warm in any cold situation such as

and easily adds “super power” to any of your cold weather clothing. No need to go and purchase a battery heated jacket. Purchase just one OPERATIONHEATJAC system and ALL your jackets can become battery heated.

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