Hospitals & Surgery Centers cost sharing initiatives for OPERATIONHEATJAC

A SOLUTION FOR THOSE WHO WORK IN A COLD OPERATING ROOM Developed by an anesthesiologist to conform with AORN requirements.  Hospitals & Surgery Centers need to seriously consider buying or sharing the cost of the OPERATIONHEATJACÒ for their doctors and nurses who work for them. Personnel are appreciative to be more comfortable. Performance is improved….

Making Surgery Safer…By Keeping Temperatures Warmer

CONTACT: Mark Silverberg M.D. D.D.S.Operationheatjac, LLC – 847-370-4400 or Michael Breen M.D. – 847-840-5261 RELEASE: Immediate Ashland Community Hospital’s operating rooms are COLD. “Sometimes it’s like Antarctica just walking in there,” says Tim Burks, the Oregon hospital’s surgical purchaser. Surgeons routinely lower temperatures to 60-66 degrees so they can stay comfortable under warm lights while…